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This is my first marriage, so you know that I wanted it to be perfect.  Barbara did that.  I had a mixed wedding, blk and Chinese.  She nail it, she did actual homework to make our day wonderful.  We created ceremony fit for a king and queen.she went above and beyond our dreams.thanks again Barb, you won't ever regret her services.  Also she ran the whole thing, it went seamlessly, so we could enjoy our day with our family and friends. 

~Michael and Wendy Whitfield.

Barbara was pivotal in making my beautiful wedding day, peaceful, happy, and fabulous.  From the exquisite reception decorations, to attention to details that I did not have to be concerned about, she added so much to the preparation and day of touches.  Her expert planning and guidance through every step of decisions help move the weeks along without frustration.

She also coordinated my daughter’s wedding a couple of years before mine.  What a gift she has in making brides feel gorgeous, low stress and confident that every moment of the special day is perfect – or Barbara takes care of it.   Don’t do a wedding without her!



Barbara Coble was simply amazing. I went into planning my wedding thinking I could handle it and keep

it under control. I was wrong. There are so many little details that overwhelm and stop you in your

tracks. Things get pushed to the side when you are working full time and trying to figure out what you

should do and need to do. Barbara stepped in and let me lead with my vision but kept me on track,

gave me support everywhere I needed and took over when I needed it most. The wedding turned out

absolutely gorgeous. I can honestly say I did not worry about a thing. She had it planned down to the

minute so no crisis’s would happen, that being said of course there were issues but she had them taken

care and everything perfect before they ever became more then just a mention that the issue might be a

problem. Finally, she was my biggest ally. I have a large and opinionated family who wants only the best

for me. That being said, I have two sides that are at odds and I tend not to speak up for myself. This

mixed with my husbands also opinionated family made the political navigation a job in and of its self for

Barbara. She had amazing suggestions for how to handle feelings and situations when working with

divorced parents. All of my parents were happy at the end of the day, opinions were acknowledged but

most of all she listened to me. I would recommend Barbara for any event, Large or small. Her

professionalism, true honestly and easy going personality made the whole process easier and the day

turn out wonderfully.

                   ~Alexandra and Gytis

Our Clients Say

Tanya and Victor.jpg

Barbara is an amazing wedding planner. Barbara supported in planning our American wedding and was the lead in planning our Traditional Nigerian Igbo wedding in the Fall of 2022. Barbara and the two of us had minimal knowledge on the process and traditions of the Nigerian wedding. To help ensure the wedding was accurate, memorable, and beautiful, Barbara took it upon herself to conduct research and connect with our Nigerian family. She listened to each person’s thoughts and was able to organize the whole wedding. When we were in a pinch for time, Barbara helped by shopping, making calls, and researching prices for us. The Nigerian turned out beautiful and we would not have been able to have it without her leadership on the wedding. For the American wedding, Barbara organized and helped plan the reception. She gave us a beautiful gift of a table backdrop that truly made the place magical. Barbara was our confidant, friend, and wedding planner all wrapped into one person. She always helped us to feel like we were the only couple by returning our calls and being prompt with responses. I would recommend Barbara for busy couples who are unsure about the wedding process and may not have a large amount of time to plan alone. We graciously thank Barbara for her excellent customer service and love shown through the process!


Thank you,


Victor and Tanya Ezidinma

Hi My birthday was a true delight, thanks to my wife's surprise – a private chef who crafted an unforgettable dinner for us. The intimate setting under a colorful canopy, adorned with beautiful flowers, set the stage.

The meal was a culinary masterpiece. Starting with a salad and irresistible homemade flatbread, I couldn't resist. The chicken cordon bleu with creme sauce, mashed potatoes, and asparagus was divine. Dessert, a butter pecan sundae in an ice cream cone-shaped glass, was the perfect finale.

I can't recommend this experience enough. It's not just a meal; it's a magical journey for your senses.,



 Ernie HowardRealty One Group Premier


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